What You Should Know About Organizing an Office Party

Office parties and other events are a great way to build connections among co-workers. During the workday, the focus tends to be on the work at hand, so office parties, happy hours, and company picnics can boost morale and improve a sense of camaraderie. Are you in charge of planning a company function? Here are some things to consider.

Choosing the Event Location

If the purpose of a particular event is to celebrate a holiday, then that may give you an idea of what the function and location should be. A happy hour or dinner at a restaurant after work is an idea for a small, informal gathering to show appreciation for the team. Consider a party at a casino or grownup arcade to celebrate a company anniversary, an especially profitable quarter, or some other important milestone.

Picking the Entertainment

If you want entertainment for the party, it’s important to choose something that is appropriate for the group. A stand-up comedian might be funny, but their jokes shouldn’t make guests uncomfortable. A DJ or a live band can turn any hard surface into a dance floor if employees are into that kind of thing. Consider renting arcade games or karaoke equipment as optional activities for partygoers. Keep in mind that you’ll need to account for auxiliary details such as power access and corporate event lighting services, depending on the venue.

Selecting a Menu

You’ll have to decide on what food and beverages to make available. An entertainment venue may have menu options for you to choose from, or you may have to hire a caterer. One thing to also decide on is whether alcohol will be served and if so, you’ll have to decide on free drinks (with a maximum) or a cash bar option. Look for menu choices that include various types of proteins as well as vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Social gatherings for work can be big fun, especially when planned carefully and thoughtfully. Look for activities that employees will want to be part of. The point is to have a good time and strengthen working relationships.