What to expect from your church wedding?

Planning a wedding seems to take month but before you know it your Part set Diamond Wedding Rings from https://www.comparethediamond.com/wedding-rings/part-set-diamond-wedding-rings/ have arrived and you are making your way slowly into the final week before your wedding day. It is at this point that nerves sometimes stat to set in ad you begin to wonder how your important day is going to go. Well, if you have opted for a religious Church of England ceremony here is some idea of what you can expect.

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Once the banns have been read three times in the church that you are intending to have your ceremony in you move towards the last few weeks before your wedding day. A couple of weeks before the day you will find that most churches will ask you to attend the church for a rehearsal. This is where all the key people in the wedding will attend for short time to run through what will happen during the ceremony, where everyone will be standing and seated and what their roles will be on the day.

On the day of your wedding or sometimes the day before the flowers that you have arranged to be situated in the church will be delivered and the arrangements constructed. Any groomsmen or ushers that you have will arrive at the church around 45 mins before the ceremony begins to ensure that any orders of service are in place and to take people to their seats as they arrive. This is followed shortly after by the groom and the rest of the wedding party. The bride and any bridesmaids are the last to arrive at the church. Upon their arrival the couples chosen entrance music will be played as the bride and her father or other person chosen to accompany her will begin their walk down the aisle. The order in which the party walk down the aisle is entirely up to the individual couples with some bridesmaids leading the way for the bride and others following behind.

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The rest of the service will follow a pattern of a welcome by the vicar or priest, the declaration and vows and exchanging or rings. Coupes may choose to have hymns and readings interspersed throughout the ceremony. One such point is during the signing of register. Many couples chose to have a piece of music played at this point whilst the bride, groom, vicar and two witnesses sign the marriage certificate. After the final prayers the happy couple will make their way back down the aisle, again to their chosen piece of music and will greet guests and meet the photographer for the all-important wedding photos.