What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Reception Flowers

The flowers you choose to adorn your wedding reception venue reflect your unique style, but how do you choose from all the beautiful options? Consider the following criteria to ensure you make the best possible selection.


When it comes to choosing wedding reception flowers Northampton PA, it is best to determine how much of your overall wedding budget you are willing to allocate and discuss the best choices within your budget with a wedding florist. Most wedding planners recommend spending eight percent of your wedding budget on flowers, but you and your fiance can decide how much of that will go toward your reception flowers.

Color Scheme

You will likely have a color scheme in mind for the big day, including colors for the bridal party’s attire, invitations and tabletop linens. Choosing wedding reception flowers that complement your ceremony color choices will tie the entire day together.


Most wedding florists suggest choosing flowers that are in season to get the most value for your budget. If you opt for out-of-season flowers, you can expect them to be more expensive than in-season flowers because they are more challenging to acquire, and you will not get as many blooms for your money.

Peruse Magazines

Looking through wedding magazines can be an excellent way to find inspiration for the types of flowers to adorn your wedding reception. You can also show your florist images of fabric patterns, tablescapes and objects with colors or designs you find appealing and ask for suggestions that reflect them.

Know What You Don’t Want

Knowing what you don’t like is as important as knowing what you prefer and can help your florist narrow down the choices available within your budget. For example, asking for blue and purple flower recommendations that exclude carnations and violets can help your florist better understand your taste.

The flowers you choose for your wedding reception are an essential aspect of the overall decorative scheme and convey your style.