Tips for Planning Your Wedding

There are so many important details that go into planning a wedding. Use these helpful tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Plan Ahead

Write out a list of everything that needs to get done before your wedding. Create a flexible schedule to help plan out logistics and timing. You might be overwhelmed and stressed if you leave everything to do until the morning of your wedding. Instead of overscheduling your morning, try getting as much done as you can in the days before. You can finalize decorations, get your nails done, and just about anything else besides your hair and makeup. You wouldn’t want to sleep on a fresh Brazilian blowout White Plains NY, so you can save styling your hair and makeup until the morning of your big day.

Getting Dressed

Decide whether you want to get ready at your wedding venue or home. When you wake up on the morning of your wedding, remember to take your wedding dress out of its garment bag so it can breathe. Hang it up high along with any accessories so you can see if any areas need steaming before you put it on. If your wedding party is getting ready in the same room together, make sure you have plenty of outlets and mirrors to work with. While you do your hair and makeup, put on comfortable pajamas or matching robes with your bridesmaids and enjoy your time together as you get ready. Save time by preordering an array of breakfast or lunch foods for you and your bridesmaids to enjoy while you get ready.

Prepare for Fashion Emergencies

Even with plenty of planning, unexpected issues may arise. To minimize the chance of unpleasant surprises, don’t change up your routine before your wedding. Avoid using new skin products in case you have a negative reaction. You may still encounter a stain, chipped nail, or hair frizz that can cause serious stress on the day of your wedding. Whatever fashion emergency you encounter, try to stay calm. Remember to be flexible and adapt if you run into any last-minute obstacles. Ask your maid of honor to bring a small fashion emergency kit equipped with stain remover, hair spray, fashion tape, tweezers, tissues, and other supplies. It can even include a cooling eye mask to help with dark circles or inflammation from the night before.

With these wedding tips, you can better prepare for your big day so it is less overwhelming and easier to enjoy.