Tips for Choosing the Right DJ for Your Big Day

Are you getting married? Maybe your oldest is celebrating his or her 16th birthday. Perhaps you just want to create an amazing get-together for you and 100 of your closest friends. Regardless of the occasion, a night to remember requires a DJ that knows how to keep a crowd going. Consider these tips as you research professional DJs Nutley NJ.

Find Out How the DJ Motivates the Crowd

More often than not, people will be reluctant to be the first ones out on the dance floor. Your DJ needs to know how to build enthusiasm in a crowd and convince people to make their way to the center of the room. Ask how he or she will do this. Typically, you’ll want to hire a DJ who knows some tried-and-true group dances (“Cha Cha Slide” anyone?) to get people interested but who is also willing to take reasonable requests.

Think About Your Event’s Guests

The DJ you hire depends on the type of guests who will be at the event. Corporate events and some weddings require a DJ who is more formal, can appeal to an older and more sophisticated crowd, and is willing to play older, classic songs. On the other hand, younger guests, casual weddings, or other, less formal events will rely on “hipper” DJs who play current Top 40, have a strong understanding of current pop culture, and know how to get younger people dancing and keep them entertained.

Whether you’re hiring a DJ for your dream wedding or trying to impress your boss by throwing the perfect corporate gala, be sure to get everything in writing. A strong contract will cover when the event is, how long the DJ will provide services, whether you must pay a deposit, the total cost of the services, and exactly what is included. A professional contract protects both you and the DJ and helps to ensure you host a night to remember.