Tips for Choosing the Best Robes for Bridesmaids

Suppose your goal is to get the best bridesmaid robes for the big day. However, the process can be challenging and tedious, so you should stay with us to learn about a few tips that will help you throughout the process.

For instance, when choosing a style for your robe, you can find a wide array of options, including kimono, wrap, or spa robes. Regarding wedding parties, spa bridesmaids robes are the best options since they come with a more comfortable and looser fit. Remember, they come from cotton, meaning the size will fit all.

On the other hand, wrap robes feature additional tailoring. It means you will get them with lightweight and thin materials such as polyester. An essential perspective when getting wrap robes is to be careful when using the ones with rayon and acetate since they can wrinkly easily and require dry cleaning afterward.

When it comes to kimono robes, you will get a combination of spa and wrap options. They tend to fall above the knees while featuring loose sleeves that will drop below the elbows. Therefore, they are not ideal for pre-wedding preparation images you may decide to post on social media platforms.

All styles have specific benefits and disadvantages, which is why you should choose based on your needs and preferences.

1.Consider the Budget and Overall Cost

One of the most important factors when choosing a bridesmaid robe is budget since it is a severe aspect, and you should avoid going over it. Therefore, you can spend approximately twenty-five dollars each, while they can be more expensive and reach two hundred dollars per piece.

Still, paying more does not mean getting a better robe altogether. We recommend you determine your budget and check out online for the best options before making up your mind. That way, you can prevent potential overspending.

2.Choose Interesting Color

It is vital to match the bridesmaid with the bride’s robes and implement a wedding motif, which is vital to remember. Besides, the color should be good on images as well. However, choosing a specific color that you can wear for years after a wedding is more practical. You should click here to learn everything about bridesmaids.

You can have complementary and different colors for the bridesmaids, brides, maid of honor, and other entourage members. The option depends on your needs and the options for the big day. It does not matter which color you choose for the wedding party, because it should also complement you as a person. That way, others will distinguish you from girls.


The worst thing you can do is get a wedding party robe that drags the ground due to its long design. On the other hand, you do not wish to get a short one that will not cover your backside.

It is way better to choose lengthier options than shorter ones. You can cover your body correctly and secure it with a belt. Still, you can shorten it up when wrapping up. Still, you should ensure at least thirty-two inches from the neck to the bottom. In most cases, small-size measures are between thirty-two and thirty-three inches.

4.Robe Details

Robes are usually straightforward, while you can implement a few features to ensure their appearance. One of the great additions is pockets, which help keep necessary and small things like coins or tissues because you can access them properly.

Another critical consideration is belt loops, which will ensure overall convenience. That way, you can keep it in place while walking and dancing. We recommend you avoid the ones without belt loops. When choosing the one online, we recommend you read online reviews to determine the additional features you will get.

5.Add Monogram

One of the most common options brides and bridesmaids do is implement custom embroidery. At the same time, you can add a monogram to ensure you create a personalized and meaningful design. The monogram can feature your first name or initials, for instance.

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Another option is to stitch the names of each bridesmaid, which will create a personalized and customized gift for them afterward. The main idea is to allow them to use them after the wedding for a long time.