Summer Weddings in Melbourne are Back

Melbourne is a lucky place to do a wedding. It is well known for its fickle weather, and it’s no secret that summer is the most popular season for most weddings.

There is nothing better than celebrating in the sunny breeze,  surrounded by beautiful flowers under the gentle blue sky. In summer, the venue choices in Melbourne are endless. However, there are a few things every couple needs to consider to make a summer wedding enjoyable for all. Here are the six tips for executing the perfect Melbourne summer weather wedding.

  1. Stay Cool

Make sure your guests won’t stand or sit for prolonged hours in the sun. Ensure to provide your guests with some heat relief such as bottles of water, soft drinks, or small cold hand towels throughout the session. Your guests will thank you for it.

  1. Light Food

When it comes to summer weather food, you want to avoid heavy choices. Consider light and fresh food such as fresh produce, fruits, spring salad, or frozen cocktails.

  1. Choose a Convenient Venue

Find a reception site that offers both indoor and outdoor space for your guests. Preferably a ballroom that opens to an outdoor garden or at the ocean. If you are having your reception outdoors, make sure to have shaded areas such as a tent or an umbrella-covered set-up. Your older guests, little children, or moms to be will be grateful for the two options.

  1. Provide Portable Air

For the open-air wedding set-ups, you want to keep your guests as comfortable as possible. Consider investing in portable fans and air conditioners. For a more appealing look, you may decorate the hand-held fans at each table.

  1. Sun Protection

Sun protection is essential in an outdoor wedding. Exposure to sunburns can potentially ruin your makeup and significantly impact photos and mood throughout the day.

Consider wearing a moisturizer or a powder that contains SPF. When it comes to your guests, provide spray bottles of sunscreen on each table. Insect repellents also come in handy; you don’t want you or your guests to deal with itchy bites.

  1. Dress Accordingly

If you choose a wedding dress for your summer celebration, breathability should be one of your main priorities. Comfortable clothing will make you feel confident all day; in this case, a ballgown will not be the best choice for you. The inner city Melbourne wedding dress shop will help you find what works best for your summer wedding to keep that vibrant look despite the temperatures.

  1. Choose the Right Flowers

Beautiful flowers are a core element in every wedding ceremony. When choosing flowers, consider acquiring the heat resistant type that doesn’t wilt in high temperatures. Tropical flowers such as calla lilies, sunflowers, orchids can handle warmer weather conditions.

With these tips in check, your perfect summer wedding should be nothing but a success. Your guests will leave feeling pleased, and your memories will be nothing but pure bliss. However, you will need first to do your research before settling on the best service providers for your wedding. It is important to find providers with good online reputations to ensure your dream wedding becomes a reality.