Still thinking how to make a first impression on your wedding? Try the best personalised welcome signs

We are sure that you are looking for some easy and interesting ways to make your wedding ceremony and reception special, memorable and unique. It happens very often that all the ideas seem already exhausted, outmoded and unattractive. We know what it’s like. That’s why we offer you the latest and more interesting ideas on how to use wood welcome signs to have a memorable wedding.

First of all, you must be sure that an unique and different wedding is really what you want. If you managed to make the idea of the wedding it would be easier for choosing the right wood welcome signs, if you did not succeed, just keep calm, it is always time for personalization and rethinking.

How you make your wedding unforgettable by using welcome wedding signs?

Create your own personalised welcome sign

Of course, it’s nice to have a welcome sign but it would be nicer if it’s personalized exactly as you imagine. Nowadays, personalized weddings are the newest trend, like no one else’s wedding. Our big selection of wood wedding signs can be customized to add some personal touch to every aspect of your wedding day. So, you can design it just the way you want, with the inscription you love. Our collection of designs for signs makes it easy to find something that’s a wonderful fit for your wedding style, but something different is always making us happy and challenge our limits. You can find here from modern customized wedding signs with a minimalist feel to signs with a more rustic vibe or with a refined look in rococo style. One is for sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here!

Make Hashtags for taking pictures at your wedding

Specifically, a way in which you will surprise your guests but also social networks are hastags which you can write on these welcome signs. Not only is very different and unforgettable, but also they allow you to create very beautiful memories that you always see in the picture on social networks or in printed photos. And your guests will certainly remain surprised and will be happy to make photos in this special day for you, with you and with love. It doesn’t matter if you want or not to be The Queen or King of the Instagram, your mood and the memory of a perfect wedding matters now and in twenty, thirty or forty years.

Where to add wooden wedding signs to your wedding?

This also an often asked question that can cause some dilema. First of all, install a sign or even two directing guests to the ceremony and reception places. These wedding signs allow you to be hung from trees, placed on a table or adhered to a stake to welcome guests and help them find their way. They are very adaptable and flexible, and of course good looking.  By placing a personalized wedding sign at the entrance to your event, you’ll set the right atmosphere for a wonderful day that guests will be excited to experience.

Have you heard about leaving signs?

One of the latest invention, just write some words for saying goodbye to your guest in a beautiful way. Make them feel nice even at the end of your wedding. Hope you had a nice day or whatever you think is worth to say. Your wedding can be different and memorable just by adding something special and raffinate made from wooden with love for your event at the end of it.

We all know that options are endless when it comes to using wedding signs for wedding, especially when you want to make them special. The small details are the ones that make our day more beautiful, and these little signs are those that will make your Leicestershire Wedding a colorful place with positive atmosphere. Look up our full collection of wooden wedding signs and decide now which one is perfect for you. Contact us and let your ideas be known, we will make them real.