Romance, The Outdoors, And Technology… All In One

Have I got a date idea for you! Now I understand that it’s winter and in much of the United States, the outdoors is a cold and foreboding place that you just pass through between your car, your home, your office, and hopefully the gym… but this is an idea that you can just put in your back pocket and whip out when the time is right.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A blanket to lay on the ground
  • A thermos bottle to keep water cold or tea hot
  • Some drinking containers of your choosing
  • An assortment of snacks
  • A tablet or laptop
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • And most importantly – a WiFi Hotspot

I bet that last one caught you off guard. Nothing to fear, in fact, if you don’t have a WiFi hotspot, I would recommend checking out Solis from Skyroam – well worth the investment for reliable internet. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you get a WiFi hotspot just for a date idea. I’m sure you’ll find tons of uses for it otherwise, especially if you travel and have realized that hotel WiFi can be doggone awful.

Anyway, back to the date idea…

You take your special someone out to a nice park. You lay down a blanket. You take out the beverage and pour some drinks. You set up your laptop to connect to the WiFi hotspot and then set up the Bluetooth speaker to connect to the computer. Now you’re all ready.

If you were smart and chose the beautiful Golden Hour just before sunset for your date, then you might already be ahead of me here, but either way, you chose well. Every photographer and videographer knows that the hour right sunset is the most beautiful time of the day due to the way the sunlight refracts off of the atmosphere before disappearing into the horizon for the night.

Take this beautiful hour to sit and chat and eat some snacks and drink some of your beverage. Perhaps put on some music on your laptop, which will come through your bluetooth speaker. If you are using Spotify you can even control the music right from your watch or your cell phone even if it’s playing on your computer. Just enjoy your time.

Then when the sun finally sets is when your hotspot really becomes useful. That’s right, a movie under the stars. Find your favorite film on your favorite streaming network and start watching. Your WiFi hotspot should be able to handle streaming a film depending on your location (might be good to scout the spot out first) and there you have it! A lovely date under the stars with food, drinks, a beautiful sunset, and a movie as you lay in the crisp air and enjoy the night sky.