Perfect time to book a magician for wedding

The wedding day has so much to think about and decide. There are so many things to keep right for a smooth and memorable day with no hiccups. Your choice of entertainment is the second most important factor in organizing an enjoyable and memorable event after food. Hiring a fantastic wedding magician to add a magical touch to your wedding is a great idea to entertain and astound your guests.

Hiring a wedding magician is an effective way to amuse and entertain guests. It is also helpful to break the ice between guests by gathering them in a group. But do you know!

When is the best time to book a magician?

If you want to ensure your guests’ happiness and involvement and don’t want to leave your guests twiddling their thumbs, follow these tips. This article is perfect for guiding you about the best time for a magician to entertain the guests:

·        Be Alert!

Before knowing the best time to book a magician, it is more important to know the worst time to hire a wedding magician. Don’t hire a magician to perform late night in a wedding function. As it gets later, the wedding becomes louder, and people more likely involve in drinking and ricking the dance floor.

·        Your wedding breakfast time:

If you want a formal option for your wedding magician, the wedding breakfast is the perfect time for this. This time is good for a continuous talking point for your guests and to keep things moving forward. Magical tricks during breakfast create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Here it is an issue also. Some people don’t like to get entertained during eating. Don’t worry, a professional magician knows this secret, and they only perform between the courses during the meal.

·        During photographs or drinks receptions:

The drinks reception is a significant part of your big day. It is the time of socializing and enjoying drinks for your guests. This is also the best time for taking photographs. A magician with their mingling skills can enhance this enjoyable part of your wedding a lot.

In the drinking reception usually, both sides of the family remain present who might meet with each other for the very first time. Here is when a professional magician helps people get closer and communicate in a more relaxed and friendly environment.

·        Evening reception:

After the arrival of your evening guests, it’s an excellent opportunity to ask your magician to perform. Day guests will have been there for a long time, and the evening guests naturally want to adjust in the wedding proceedings. Excellent entertainment at this point works as a catalyst to help create rapport.

·        Post Speeches time:

Generally, speeches are next just after the meal. Guests just after completing their meal sit and listen to the speeches from family and friends. A lot of speeches may create a lull in the atmosphere. A magic show at this particular time helps to prevent this lull.

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