Key difference between wedding photos & video

Human nature is designed in the most sophisticated and advanced way. Whether it is photography or videography, any imagery cannot replace human memories, but it is merely there to spark them. This is why couples want their pictures and videos to them back to those moments through various ways like through familiar music or song, repeating a word from a speech, observing the details of your bridal wedding gown through a picture, etc.

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Whether you go for wedding photography or filming a wedding option, the ultimate goal is to preserve countless beautiful moments of the day. However, there are many parallels between these two creative forms. Still, it is also important to understand some of the significant distinctions, which may help you decide to hire both for your special day.

Photography captures fleeting moments that may be exhibited on your walls, wallet, family albums, or business desk. They’re simple to pull out and don’t require any extra equipment to show off to your friends and family. This method is generally (but not always) less expensive because it takes significantly less time to process. In contrast, the Wedding videography captures the entire moment rather than simply a static frame. You get a lot more in-depth experience that draws you in those memories and make you feel, smell, and taste the pleasures of your big day once again.

Major differences between wedding photography & videography:

Here are a few of the basic differences between Wedding photography and videography:

·       Static or moving:

This is the most obvious distinction between wedding photography and videography. But if you want to compare still photos with moving clips, there is no option superior or inferior then other. It mainly depends on their personal preference whether she wants to hire a wedding videographer, or wedding photographer, or both for her big day.

·       Shooting ways:

Wedding photography is not about capturing natural occurrences, and a photographer is considered a director. They give a couple of instructions to grin, move out of the shadow area, bend the head or knee, etc., to create a masterpiece.

On the other hand, the videographer is similar to a documentarian who depends on some information and a lot of guessing when things will happen so that nothing important is missed. They never direct or give the command to the couple but allow them to be their natural side to show the complete love story in a small movie clip of 4 to 7minutes.

·       Scenarios for both options:

Though wedding photography is the more popular and preferred option, there are some circumstances where wedding videography is the better option.

Photography is the perfect option for displaying stunning pictures and capturing clear images of the wedding party or celebration. While, if you want to capture your walk down the aisle, exchanging vows moments, wedding speeches, or first dance, then videography is the far better option.

There is a belief that a frame may be taken from a movie to make a photograph, but this is not the right decision because the photos obtained using this approach are of terrible quality. Fuzzy, grainy, and sometimes so bad pictures obtained from a video clip make it difficult to discern what the photograph was meant to capture.


A gorgeous and professional photograph can work wonders, but it will not allow you to hear your voice saying your vows. These pictures cannot memorize the discussion you were having with your bridesmaids while getting your hair and cosmetics done together. These are still not able to rewind for you all the discussions between your friends, grandparents, and parents during cocktail hours.

However, nobody is obligated to hire a wedding videographer to record their wedding; it is entirely up to personal taste. For more information and hiring a quality wedding videographer in Minneapolis, you can see here.