It’s good to learn Limousine Etiquette Rules

There are some particular rules of etiquette that you need to follow on every special occasion or event. These rules bring discipline and consistency in that event.

But do you know the Limousine etiquette rules?

Sacramento Limousine buses are a well known and highly appreciated Limo bus service in the Sacramento area. You can book their party rental buses and Luxury Limousines for every occasion at most affordable prices and quality services. Sacramento Limo is sharing Limo services etiquette rules for passengers to follow:

  1. Limo is such a sophisticated and classic vehicle, so it expects a special treatment from your side too. After all, it is someone else’s property, and it is your responsibility to keep that property looking just as pristine as you found when you entered.
  2. Your Limousine driver or chauffeur is the person responsible for your safe and comfortable ride. They deliver their best to make your ride smooth and enjoyable. They are employees of limo Rental Company and deserve your respect in anyways.
  3. Limo driver is an integral part of your experience, and tip your driver is the part of Limo etiquettes rule. 20% is the standard tipping rate, and it is something they deserve for their excellent service. If you choose not to tip the driver, then call the Limo Company and explain the reason.
  4. Have fun in the Limo is essential, but keeping your party under control is more important. If you want alcohol in the vehicle – it should be approved by the Limo services. You cannot drug or smoke in the Limo.
  5. There is a standard way to enter or exit a Limo, follow the way as it is. Chauffeur always opens the door for you. Take a seat, swing the legs into the vehicle, and slide to the available place when getting in.

By following these etiquette rules, you can fully enjoy the luxurious ride in Limo with a grace. We hope this etiquette rules guide by Sacramento Limo Bus Service will be helpful for you, and you will follow it next time when you book a rental Limo services.