How to Choose the Right Bakery Case

Function and aesthetics play a huge role when you are faced with the question of which bakery case is suitable for your operation. Do you need service or self-service or a combination of the two? Will you need a refrigerated or dry case? Is the case going to be a focal point in the customer’s view? Understanding these questions will help you arrive at the right solution.

Service or Self-Service

When choosing bakery display cases, one of the first questions to be answered is, do you want your customers to serve themselves, or do you want your employees to serve them their baked goods? Allowing your customers to serve themselves cuts down on your labor costs and may encourage impulse buying, increasing your sales.

Refrigerated or Dry

Another critical question is whether or not any of your baked goods must be refrigerated. Bakery goods containing dairy products or fresh fruit must be kept refrigerated or they could spoil and be unsafe to eat. If not refrigerated properly, you will have to dispose of these baked items, and you will suffer profit losses.

Options and Finishes

Finally, how important is aesthetics going to be in your operation? Bakery cases are available with various options and finishes. Do you want your case to have a straight glass front or a curved glass front? You can choose a variety of different finishes for the base of the case. Choices include standard laminate, premium laminate, and stainless steel.

Another option that can be chosen is whether to add lights to your cabinet. You can select incandescent lighting or LED lighting and decide to include lights on every shelf or just some shelves.

As you can see, the choices are plenty. It is essential to provide an attractive and safe way to display your product to maximize sales and minimize your losses.