Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Wedding Shoes

If your wedding day is approaching, you’ll find that there are so many things to take care of. Sometimes you want everything to come into place on their own. From the venue, the catering, and down to the wedding dress, it should be flawless.

But wait, there’s something you might be missing! What about your wedding shoes?

Remember that picking the perfect wedding shoes is the same as choosing the perfect wedding dress. Don’t rush on your wedding shoes thinking that nobody will see them anyway.

It’s your special day and you have to look your best from head to toe.

How do you select the best wedding shoes? Here are some simple tips to follow to complete your wedding look.

Factors to Consider When You Buy Wedding Shoes

There are several factors that come into play when choosing the most suitable wedding shoes. You need to look good in it and, at the same time, your feet need to be comfortable.

The last thing you’d want on your wedding day is aching feet every time you take a step. Consider your options, and go for the shoes that won’t give you more problems.

  • Consider the Heel Height

This is one of the most important criteria when looking for wedding shoes. The ideal height for shoes for your wedding dress is a 3–4 cm platform and at max 12 cm in heels.

If you’ve bought shoes with long heels, make sure you take them off after the event. They can strain your feet, and having them on for long can hurt your feet. When you choose platform heels, your feet will be more comfortable. In case platforms don’t go well with your bridal look, buy shoes that have hidden platforms.

  • Match Your Shoes with Your Dress

Every wedding dress has its own style. To achieve a certain bridal look, you need to match the dress with the shoes. Some wedding dresses are vintage which means you also need vintage-style shoes. You can also go to retro-style wedding dresses with retro-style shoes. If you think about it, you have many options for your wedding shoes.

Features are also important. Go for styles that are distinct, especially on the heels. There are shoes that have embellished and metallic heels, bright-colored pumps, and more.

Some brides choose to have custom heels. This makes it easier for them to match the color and the theme of their wedding. Some brides even consider matching their accessories like jewelry. For more options, you can check luxury diamonds Vancouver has to offer.

  • Your Shoes Should Fit the Venue

Weddings nowadays can happen in different settings. Some go traditional with a church while some go to the beach. There are even weddings near lakes, in country clubs, and gardens. Always check what surface you’ll be walking on your wedding day.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, then you’d expect a more natural surface to step on. Some improvise and even consider going barefoot. But if you want shoes to match, you can go with flats or shoes that have heel guards.

Comfort Comes First!

Whatever wedding shoes you pick, your comfort and safety should be the first priority. Even if the saying goes “bleed for beauty,” don’t risk it when it’s your wedding day. You should be at your happiest no matter how you look!

Most of all, keep in mind that you can dance wearing your wedding shoes.