Elopement in Yosemite

All you need to know about!

An intimate Yosemite elopement wedding is hard to go wrong with!

Surely all of you know that Yosemite National Park is one of the best places to get married in California as it is considered the most popular elopement wedding spot there. Its luscious meadows, dramatic cliffs, tons of wildlife, and towering waterfalls make Yosemite the perfect place for any elopement/wedding of any size.

You can plan your elopement wedding Yosemite for any time of the year as it is perfect for any seasonal theme wedding. Before planning your Yosemite elopement wedding, here are the things you must consider:

·       Always pick a winner:

The best possible decision you can take is, choosing the Yosemite elopement photographer who knows the area and secrets pretty well. Only a photographer who has spent his maximum time in the valley can capture your intimate nature elopement. A professional photographer not only knows the best locations for your Yosemite elopement, but they also know how to plan the elopement to get what you want. They’re your key to the most beautiful lookouts and unusual spots that others may not be aware of.

·       Choose the right season:

Yosemite is the destination providing you countless spots to have an intimate elopement wedding during any season of the year. Still, it is important to know that most couples choose Yosemite elopement weddings in the summer season, but nothing beats spring or late fall. You’ll enjoy Yosemite’s cooler temperature and fewer tourists when you visit during those seasons. You may also book lodgings more easily, whether you intend to camp, glamp, or spend a few nights at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel.

·       Dress up properly for the occasion:

Of course, a wedding is about the bridal gown and tuxedo for the groom, but you should be prepared for the unexpected if you’re planning a Yosemite elopement wedding. You are allowed to keep your stunning wedding shoes in your bag packs for particular photographs, but they may not be your first choice for trekking up to the sunset site or other hiking destinations. A sturdy pair of shoes should be on your elopement accessories list.

Once you reach Taft Point from Yosemite Valley at 70 degrees, the temperature will decrease by 10 degrees. So, it is also essential to have a jacket handy. Some of you may desire a different sleeve or two in between shoots.

·       Tips to remember:

Yosemite is one of the most amazing spots in the world. Enjoy your surroundings by taking your time. With all the essentials required for a Yosemite elopement wedding, there are few more tips to keep in mind before planning the big day:

  • Ensure that you plan ahead of time and communicate properly with your suppliers. Phone coverage is virtually non-existent in Yosemite, and even WiFi can be spotty at the most popular accommodation alternatives.
  • The popularity of Yosemite for weddings and elopements is often underestimated. Many people are at the park at any one moment, and dozens of couples are getting married just where you are. Consider waking up earlier or catching the final rays of the day. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to do intimate elopement. Early morning or sunset light produces stunning photos that are worth the extra effort.
  • During midday, the traffic is insane there, and you feel a kind of madness to see crowded bumper-to-bumper areas. Vehicles may sometimes follow pedestrians to get a parking place, so being a little earlier is the best way to do this.