Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Article

Cleaning and Preserving Your Wedding Dress
Congratulations! You just got married. Now it’s time to clean and preserve your wedding dress. This blog post will discuss the importance of cleaning and preserving your wedding dress and how to do it properly so that you can keep enjoying it for years to come.

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

We all know that there are many things to do after a wedding ceremony. First, there is the honeymoon, and then it’s back to work for most people. And with that return comes the packing up of your wardrobe from storage. In any case, if you have not cleaned your dress yet, it can be difficult when you pull out this dusty garment in preparation for storing or even wearing it again!

The process of cleaning a wedding dress can be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to take precautionary measures beforehand to maintain your beautiful gown for years to come. And it’s not just good enough that you clean your dress but also preserve it from any damage caused by dust or dirt particles that may cause discolouration over time.

It is recommended that you have professionals clean up after the big day because they know how to handle delicate fabrics like silk and lace without damaging them Cleaning will remove all traces of sweat, tears, makeup, dirt, and other substances left on the fabric during the festivities. In addition, preserving will help protect against future stains and prevent wrinkles from forming if handled with care.

The Process

The first step is to find someone who does professional dry-cleaning to clean your wedding dress after it has been worn or when it needs refreshing due to sweat or other substances that have gotten on the fabric. If you cannot afford this option, try taking the clothes-washing route by using liquid detergent soap of any brand as long as it doesn’t contain bleach (bleach will make colours fade.) When washing your dress in a machine, place two cups of distilled white vinegar inside before adding clothing items -this helps remove any bacteria.

The next step in preserving your dress is to find a place where you can store it that’s cool, dark and dry- this will help the fabric stay preserved for years to come. Avoid storing dresses near sources of heat or moisture; these things are not suitable for fabrics and may cause them to yellow over time.

When packing up your dress, make sure to wrap everything tightly. Hence, nothing rubs against the material during transportation -this avoids causing tears or stretching out certain parts of the garment such as lace or appliques, which you cannot repair quickly after an extensive period has passed since they tore/stretched out. Lastly, don’t forget about cleaning all accessories you wore on the wedding day, including shoes, gloves, jewellery, and purse.

After following these simple steps, you can clean your dress while also preserving it for the future! Ensure to wash all accessories worn with the wedding day too so that they stay in good condition.

What is Dress Preservation? 

The preservation process consists of cleaning, pressing and drying. The cleansing is done by dry-cleaning or wet-washing with a gentle soap such as Woolite or Ivory Snow. If the dress has any stains, you can try to remove them in one of these ways:

  • Remove excess dirt from the stain using a soft brush or lint roller (not use water on silk).
  • Apply a drop of mild detergent onto an old toothbrush and scrub gently until the spot disappears.

Blot up liquid spills with paper towels, then apply clear nail polish for protection against future staining. Wipe off extra moisture before it dries, which could cause spotting if not removed quickly enough.

How Should You Handle and Store It?

There are many wedding dress preservation methods, and some people choose to use the method that best suits their needs. Some people prefer to keep it in an airtight container (which is especially good for items with sequins or embellishments), while others store their dresses on hangers inside tightly sealed garment bags. There’s no right way to do it! Just make sure you’re as careful as possible when handling your dress, so it doesn’t get torn up before its time. If you shake out your dress before storing anything else around it, the excessive fabric will stay off the floor and out of harm’s way too.

Always store your dress in a clean, dry area away from any direct sunlight. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the wedding dress fabric to become brittle and fragile over time. Also, avoid packing it with other clothes or items that might create folds on surfaces where dust is present. This will also lead to creasing.

Should You Use a Storage Box? 

The idea of a storage box is appealing. However, you can’t use it for anything other than your wedding dress, and you need to use airtight plastic bags when storing the items inside. You also have to make sure that everything in the container remains dry because moisture could cause damage or even mildew, which will leave an unpleasant odour on all clothing stored there. The bag’s material needs to resist any liquid (in case something spills) and keep out dust particles too!

Most people who store their dresses with this method put them into boxes made especially for preservation purposes like cedar chests or sealed polypropylene containers from companies like Home Depot. Anything else will not prevent potential damage while still keeping the garment clean and fresh.


In conclusion, you should clean and preserve your wedding dress with care. Make sure to follow the instructions closely for how you are supposed to clean it and how long to store it to maintain its condition!