Convert your wedding checklist to an Excel sheet for better management

Wedding planning completely depends upon the right timing and its management. Planning your wedding may be stressful whether you have one year or three months. Amid all the research, budgeting and scheduling, wedding preparation may be overwhelming. There was a time when couples used to create numerous lists in their brain or on a piece of paper only, but they lost track most of the time.

Today, Wedding Checklists are available online. You can easily convert it into PDF files and Excel sheets to manage your step-by-step wedding planning timetable with all the most important things. A wedding checklist keeps the couple organized to arrange a successful wedding. A comprehensive wedding checklist includes everything a couple may need to accomplish before the big day, from booking a venue to choosing the menu, shopping for a wedding dress, and booking their honeymoon tickets.

Organizing your wedding checklist in Excel makes it possible for you to complete all the preparations on time, select a quick meal, and set the best seating plan in a snap.

Here is a general overview to organize your wedding checklist in Excel:

  • An Excel sheet allows you to keep your all wedding details in one place and keep track of every single activity and event.
  • Create an Excel file with the title of ”My Wedding” or any other title you like. Create different columns and add information in each column related to guest names, their cell numbers, e-mails, RSVP received, gift descriptions, and their dietary restrictions (if any). You can add more columns according to your requirements.
  • If you only allow a particular amount of people for each party, you’ll need two columns to keep track of it. One column is for guests and one for attendees to know how many seats you have to secure for someone. (Add a separate column for kids attending the wedding)
  • Create Excel sheets for particular events like “wedding receptions” and “bachelorette parties.” Using this method will help you keep track of your wedding shower visitors and their presents. They may also want a guest list with contact information to send invites or other communications.
  • You may easily share your Excel spreadsheet by converting it to a Google sheet. Share it with your wedding planner, caterers, or anybody else helping you arrange the big day may access your Google Sheet by sharing it with them. Everyone will always know what’s going on, thanks to this method.