5 Original Wedding Themes for A Beautiful Wedding Spain Wedding

Wedding themes are not a compulsory part of your Spain wedding, but they certainly help to make your wedding planning easier. Once you choose a theme, it becomes easier to pick the colors that go with it, your fashion, decorations, music, and even the wedding menu. A lot of modern weddings Spain are choosing to go with new ideas but if you are one of those people who find comfort in the familiar and traditional, this post is for you.

You’re the reason why we have put together this article. It is to help you decide on a traditional theme. Traditional weddings Spain themes are easy to recreate and can be very beautiful. You’ll easily find the elements you need to make your celebration shine and can even add a modern touch to make things a bit more unique. So why not take a look at the original traditional themes we’ve listed below and see which resonates best with you? After that, you can talk to your wedding planner and get all you need to make your themed wedding a success.

·  Black-Tie Formal

Generally speaking, a black-tie formal theme is an indication that you will likely be hosting a more formal, traditional ceremony and reception. The atmosphere will be fancy and your guests are expected to dress up. Traditionally speaking, a black-tie dress code means that the men are meant to wear tuxedos and the women, floor-length gowns so that is what will be expected for your Spain wedding. How strict or relaxed your event is, will be totally up to you.

·  Beach

With a beach Spain wedding, simplicity and relaxation is key. You, of course, have to hold it at a beach and the warm setting sun, the fresh air, waves, and sand. The serene environment should help give the atmosphere a paradise feel. Your dressing at your weddings Spain will also be more casual and reflect the fun beach atmosphere.

·  Rustic

With a rustic Spain wedding, you’re going for a down to earth, country feel so you’ll be incorporating boots, jeans, and burlap. Go for natural elements and decorations that are understated and for your location you can choose somewhere that has a barn. You could have it at a farm that is easily accessible and has modern amenities. You’ll most likely find great accommodation for you and your guests on site.

·  Bohemian

Breezy, whimsical and carefree and the three words that are associated with a Bohemian themed Spain wedding. A Bohemian wedding is floral, flowy and incorporates some rustic inexpensive elements. The best venue for this kind of a wedding is one outdoors with lots of space. That won’t be too hard to find in weddings Spain.

·  The Choose A Country Wedding

This option is not only traditional but also has a sense of originality to it. You could use it as an opportunity to celebrate the country that you are from. Your tradition can be reflected in the fashion, decorations, music, and food served. You could use it to celebrate the traditions of Spain. That way, you and your guests will get the full Spanish experience and enjoy a memorable wedding.

A traditional wedding theme will leave you and your guests with beautiful memories. You’ll have a lovely experience and your pictures will be timeless and beautiful too. So, what do you say? Will you be choosing one of the themes above?