3 Tips for Planning a Staff Party

Staff parties can be a great way for employees to spend time getting to know each other better. Depending on the company, the party can be as simple as dinner and a few drinks at a local restaurant or as elaborate as a night of feasting and dancing at a banquet hall. Planning a staff party can be intimidating, but by selecting the right venue, setting an appropriate budget and asking for employee input, the event can be a success.

  1. Select a Venue

The venue will set the tone for the entire party. It will dictate what employees wear, who they are allowed to bring and what they expect to do. Find a venue that fits in with the company culture and will allow some flexibility in what happens. Make things festive with extras like small gifts, DJ services Port Saint Lucie FL or fun games.

  1. Set a Budget

It can be easy to go overboard when planning a party. Before booking any venues, music or acts, it is important that a detailed budget be set firmly in place. This can let the people on the planning committee know how to allocate funds so that nothing is missed.

  1. Get Input

Even companies that have been hosting events for years may benefit from asking staff members for opinions on the theme and tone of the next event. Employees may have fresh new suggestions that will shake up the party and keep everyone looking forward to it. Invite staff members from all departments to form the planning committee to ensure as many people as possible are represented.

While throwing a party will take time and effort, as long as it is planned out properly ahead of time, it can be an enjoyable event that is remembered and talked about fondly for years.


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