3 Easy Ways To Save On Your Wedding

Are you getting married? Are you looking for ways to cut the budget but keep the class? Choosing to have a frugal wedding doesn’t mean that it has to look or feel cheap. Being mindful of how you spend your money and time will help give you the beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Flowers

While flowers at a wedding are a beautiful addition, the price can quickly add up. Consider using minimal arrangements that you can use for the ceremony and then again at the reception. Choose seasonal flowers with a lot of greenery to help control costs. Finally, go simple with your bouquet. Use wedding bouquets Sonoma services or buy silk flowers and make your own. The best part of using silk flowers is that your bouquet will last forever for a fraction of the cost.

Find Low-Cost Catering Options

The average cost of a plate of catered food at a wedding is a whopping $51 a plate. Ask friends or family if they would be willing to help cater the wedding instead of giving you a gift. Furthermore, if you are extra savvy and have a group of friends who are eager to help, make the food yourself ahead of time and have family and friends serve it at the reception. If you don’t want to include the people attending your wedding, consider turning to a small family-owned business that would cater for the wedding.

Keep the Cake Small

The wedding cake is usually the second most crucial part of a wedding, next to the couple. Instead of turning immediately to a wedding cake specialist, look to your local grocery store. Many have a variety of different cake flavors and designs and come at a fraction of the cost. Another fun idea is to purchase cupcakes and arrange them yourself on a nice cake stand.