We have developed the definitive guide with the steps to choose an engagement ring. This guide has been created exclusively for those people who want to ask their partner’s hand and who has the objective of facilitating and guiding them during the process.

Steps to choose an engagement ring

Are you thinking about buying an engagement ring to ask for the love of your life? So, this post is dedicated to you. Making this decision is a big step, so first of all, congratulations! From here it is normal that you ask yourself, and now what?

The fears surrounding this great step are completely normal. Although they can generate certain doubts: what kind of ring will you like? Do you have to have diamonds? What kind of gold is better? How much money should I spend?

Here are some tips on the steps that can help you choose an engagement ring:

1. Budget

A good way to start the search for the engagement ring is to establish the budget you want to invest. In this way you will be able to limit possibilities and you will have a marked top. There is no closed figure that the couple must invest in the rings of request, this is a completely personal matter. There are engagement rings that touch a wide range of prices. You will see that in online jewelry stores you can find very different price rings.

2. With or without diamonds

Are you going to want the ring to have diamonds? Surely you ask yourself this question, since it is very common for engagement rings to contain these precious stones. But be careful, it is not obligatory. An engagement ring may not have diamonds and may choose, for example, another type of gem, such as emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

3. Solitaire or diamond ring

There are two types of rings of marked order: solitaire style or diamond alliance. There are many women who have it clear, and it could be that your future wife has given you some clue about it on occasion. Try to remember if he has praised the solitaire that was given to his sister or if in a conversation with friends has always reiterated that she is dying for a wedding with diamonds. If you have no clue, do not worry. She will love the ring you give her, because you will have chosen it. Taking this decision will allow you to find the ring you were looking for, since from here, the steps that are left are very few. Of course, you can choose another type of ring that has nothing to do with a solitaire or an alliance. These Diamond rings are a great option.

4. Type of gold

In the world of jewelry, there are 4 types of gold. Two very common and very used for this type of rings: white gold and yellow gold. But we must emphasize that pink gold and black gold are also suitable for the creation of these pieces, especially for those men who are looking for a unique ring, peculiar and with a lot of personality. The pink gold and black gold are carving a very good reception in the world of commitment, so do not rule out this possibility. It will surprise you! It is very important to also take into account the quality of gold. We only recommend 18kt gold, the best type of gold for the manufacture of jewelry pieces.

5. Final decision

It is probable, that after touching all these questions, your search has been bounded a lot. If you are between two or three rings and have doubts about it, a good option is to ask for advice from a family member such as your mother, sister or friend of the bride. They will help you with the final decision.

6. Size

This is one of the most complicated steps for the couple and it is totally normal. It is not very common to know the size of a proposal ring, especially because there is no standard size. It varies depending on the finger and the hand. But do not worry, our team of expert jewelers has created a size guide for rings so that you can easily find out what size you need to buy. In addition, they offer some tips that will help you.