Best Types of Venues to Rent for the Perfect Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are typically held five months to two weeks before a wedding (based on an average 12-month engagement). When planning a wedding shower, one must take into account how many people they will invite. It is possible to host a shower from the comfort of one’s home, but that can depend on the amount of attendees. If there are simply too many for the home to accommodate, there are other venues to consider.

Country Club

If you want somewhere with a lot of outdoor space, a country club would be a great place to hold a wedding shower. While the odd option of playing golf might be available, attendees would likely be more focused on sitting together and giving gifts and good wishes to the bride-to-be. Ideally, it would be a sunny day, showcasing the greenery and providing a sense of new beginnings and the persistence of life. The future bride would be entering a new era of her life, so it is fitting to play up that sentiment. A beautiful DIY flower bar would complement this theme very well. Country clubs would also have nice interiors, including ballrooms and gazebos. You could also hire a skilled photographer to document the occasion, cementing the smiles of all in attendance in framed memories.


If you are worried about the weather and would rather focus more on celebrating indoors, then a hotel is another good option for a wedding shower. You could book a spacious private room (perhaps even a ballroom) or lounge big enough for all in attendance. The hotel might be able to offer catering services, providing high-quality meals that would satiate the guests. You would still be able to go along with a theme if you would like, and the decoration colors could reflect that.


If good food is a major necessity, then you could host the shower at an upscale restaurant. Depending on which one you choose, you may be able to book a private room in the back, or maybe even a huge portion of the restaurant for a chunk of the day. You would want to take into account the dietary restrictions of the guests, and whether the restaurant would have enough options to please everyone. If you are going for a formal vibe, you can pre-plan a multi-course menu. If you want it to be a bit more informal and flexible, you can include finger foods for people to snack on as they chat with one another. But of course, the focus of the occasion would remain on the bride-to-be, so there would be a lot of celebrating beyond just eating food.

Special Events Venue

With these different types of venues in mind, you can research whether such places are available in your area. But if you would like to know of a specific option right away, specific special events venues, such as Flora the Venue in Downtown San Diego, offer bridal shower services in addition to wedding services. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure that the day that you plan is suitable for the future bride, and that it will be a remarkable occasion worth remembering. At the end of the day, a wedding shower is a celebration of what is to come. So as long as you can stay within the spirit of that, you are on the right track.