5 Tips to rock your wedding day with glasses

Bride with specs, doesn’t sound familiar right, but it’s not impossible.

A bride can certainly rock her wedding day if she knows how to don the bespectacled looks and how to awe not only the groom but also the guests on the wedding. For some brides, the lenses are the perfect solution on their wedding day but for some, who cannot go for the lenses for any of the reasons, donning the glasses can be something very challenging. But if you know what to do, you can certainly look ravishing even in the spectacles. There is a huge variety of eye glasses Augusta Maine that you can choose from and enjoy your big day at your best with a lot of comfort.

Here in this post, we have gathered the ideas, that would help the brides know, how to look super cool and beautiful on their wedding day with the glasses.

  1. Try going retro with the specs

Sometimes the only challenge that the bride is facing for wearing the specs, is the fact that she has no idea how to glam up the whole thing. While, going retro and adding some vintage styled accessories to your look, can make you feel super comfortable and classy at the same time and can make you one of the most gorgeous brides ever.

  1. Get a new pair of specs for the big day

It would be a great idea to buy a new pair of glasses for your big day in order to make a whole new look. You can go retro and vintage, or get some frame that is really classy and chic, or it could be a simple and clear pair without any frame, so that your makeup looks best with it. Whatever be the idea of the frame, try getting one that goes with the theme of your wedding. Try visiting eye glasses Augusta Maine to get newer and better ideas for it.

  1. Red lipstick never fails

When you are going for the bold frames for your wedding day, you must not leave the blush red lipstick away. The red lipstick complements best with the bold and big frames so try this new thing for your big day to look as stylish and as pompous as you want.

  1. Get a rough look for the hair

When you are about to wear glasses on your wedding day, you need to make sure that you are not going to get a very tight bun with the large pair of glasses, rather the hair that are left wild and rough and are not knotted tightly would look pretty better.

  1. Add some sparkle

A bride might feel a bit blank on the face when she is wearing the glasses and the idea of adding some sparkle to the face in terms of the earrings and necklaces would be something amazing. Therefore, try to get some sparkle around your face.