5 tips for choosing a quality engagement ring at the best price

It’s finally the long-awaited moment which is the engagement. You naturally dream of a ring worthy of the biggest stars, most likely diamond rings which are the symbol of the love commitment. However, the choice is not always so obvious and one of the first limits to reach this dream is still often the price. How to buy a quality engagement ring at a competitive price? We list here important tips for choosing your dream engagement ring at a reasonable price without sacrificing product quality!

1- Buy online 

Today, the purchase on the internet has entered the modes of consumption. The Internet offers a wide choice, the ability to search and compare. Buy online her engagement ring allows you to compare prices and access a wide choice of designs to find the engagement ring of her dreams. Rates are often more competitive than in stores because of access to specialists who are only present online and benefit from the best rates due to the elimination of intermediaries. There is often a wealth of valuable information, most of the time not found in stores, to make the most informed choice possible: weight, number of carats of gold and precise quality of the diamond, etc. Furthermore, sites specialized in high quality products offer many guarantees such as “satisfied or refunded”. So you can try your ring quietly before returning if it does not suit you.

2- Adapt the titration of gold and the weight of diamonds 

The price of an engagement ring varies according to the stone but also the type of metal. Yellow gold or white gold, we must first know what is the taste of the future bride to offer him an exceptional jewelry. It should also be kept in mind that the price of gold remaining high. It is possible to reduce the cost of the ring by moving to 9-carat items, more accessible and still the best effect.

Same thing for the diamond! It is sometimes better to opt for a smaller gemstone but of better quality, an idea that 56% of women share, according to a survey conducted in 2014 by a great jewelry. By choosing a diamond rings for men of very good quality with a carat slightly lower, the realized economy is often significant. Nobody will really see the difference in size, but your wallet will be grateful.

3- Choose a gemstone rather than a diamond 

The diamond is the stone most frequently sought after during an engagement. Outside, there is no law or rule in this area. There are other stones that we do not think about first that are as pretty and cheaper as quartz, tourmaline, sapphire and emerald. Like Kate Middleton, you can also opt for an ornate engagement ring a sapphire, which will match your alliance just as well when you wear it on your finger in a few months!

4- Choose a less conventional form 

Although more than 50% of women say that they prefer a solitary engagement ring, it should not be a generality. The more original, more sought-after and more graphic forms are to be explored and can also better match the personality and lifestyle of the bride. A ring set with a big diamond inevitably costs a lot more than the same jewel with several diamonds for the same carat weight. It is therefore possible to move towards other forms, less conventional but equally elegant, to lighten the price of the engagement ring.

5- Limit the intermediaries 

Like any industry, the jewelry industry can have many intermediaries before the engagement ring is found on the bride’s finger. By limiting the number of its intermediaries, the price of jewelry is inevitably reduced.