Factors to keep in mind when you plan an entire wedding

A wedding is a very special celebration which celebrates a couple getting together forever in a relationship. This special moment definitely requires thorough and careful planning to have a grand and memorable wedding. It is a special moment for the bride and the groom and careful planning for your wedding is the way to make it special. Here are some wedding plan tips you can definitely implement in your wedding plans and it will surely be a hit.

Planning the wedding

From the moment that you get hooked, you are likely to imagine the wedding day and its celebrations. You definitely want that magical day to be special. It is a great idea to create a wedding checklist taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Draft the budget for your wedding

It is essential to decide the budget within which you will be celebrating the wedding. Some choose to splurge money on their wedding celebrations and some chose to save it for the future or the honeymoon. This forms the basis for wedding planning.

  • Location of your wedding celebration

It is your personal choice whether you want an outdoor marriage or an indoor celebration. The theme of the wedding mostly determines the location. If you want to have a beach wedding, then an outdoor location is ideal, but if you want to have a traditional marriage, a religious place in an indoor location is ideal. If you choose an indoor ceremony, you can choose a private club or home too.

  • The wedding dress

Many women feel that the wedding dress is a crucial part of the wedding. Its essential top decides your color and budget choose that special dress for the occasion.

  • The Guests list

You need to decide upon the guest list for your wedding. If its a small wedding celebration, only a limited guest list suffices, but if you are having a gala and grand celebration, your guest list would be a large too.

  • Special invitations

The invitations are given out months before the marriage ceremony. Many grooms and brides want to have their invitees to dress according to wedding themes. This is the best way to invite your guests and them a clue to what the theme of the wedding and instructions to dress accordingly.

Planning the reception of your Wedding

The reception is the time when the groom and the bride can really enjoy the wonderful start to their marriage. A reception is truly grand and celebrates the couple’s togetherness. These elements can be kept in mind while planning a wedding reception:

  • Food and drinks: It is important to have a lavish and great spread of food and drinks for your guests to enjoy when they come to congratulate you and be a part of your celebration.
  • Seating arrangements: If the guests are arriving, you can provide unique wedding table numbers to them for adequate seating arrangements and maximize the conversations between them.
  • Music and DJ- Most receptions have live music or a disc jockey playing music to create a party atmosphere.
  • A traditional cake cutting ceremony- It is a traditional element of every wedding reception to have a cake cutting ceremony. You can customize your cake to make it more special.

There are many more ways in which you can embellish the wedding celebrations. However, these wedding planning elements are crucial when you plan a wedding, so that the celebrations stay etched on to your memory forever. It is important that you take time and put efforts to plan your big wedding day and the reception to make it enjoyable, happy and memorable forever.