Amazing facts about lab-grown diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

But are they actually?

In this efficient era of life, is it wise to invest big bucks in a tiny rock? For sure many can spend such a significant amount to buy small diamonds; most of us cannot really afford this expensive luxury at all.

Have you tried lab-grown diamond moissanite?

What are they? How are they different from actual diamonds? What is the price difference between both? And above all are they the right choice for your lady love?

Here are some fantastic facts about lab-grown diamonds that will surely clear all your concerns regarding moissanite.

  • Moissanite rings and moissanite wedding bands are rising as a hot trend in the jewel industry. Many people are switching towards the moissanite wedding rings instead of a diamond.
  • Moissanite is the diamonds that have been grown not underground, but in a lab.
  • These lab-grown diamonds can be created by two methods: CVD and HPHT
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method, a unique mixture of hydrocarbon gas is used to develop moissanite. With a small diamond seed placed in a chamber on high-temperature, this unique gas mixture produces this lab diamond.
  • HPHT or high pressure, the high-temperature method is a way to mimic the natural environment to create a diamond. In an HPHT chamber, a small diamond seed converts into a diamond with a carbon source.
  • This moissanite is a transparent gemstone that looks similar to a diamond. Although it’s not as hard as a diamond, it is a sturdy and sparkles even more than a diamond.
  • Maybe you think moissanite is ‘’ man-made’’ or ‘’synthetic’’ so they are not a good option for your special one, but it is not the truth. Moissanites are real diamonds in their own right. There physical and chemical properties are almost similar to the mined rock.
  • The natural diamonds are imperfect because they are created in the earth crust and imperfection in their 4C’s; cuts, color, clarity, and carats often happens. The moissanite grows in a controlled environment. Average moissanite has a better clarity rating than a mined diamond.
  • If your love lady is style-conscious and you are looking for a particular style for her, lab-grown diamonds never leave you alone in this situation. Lab-grown diamonds are available in all different styles and types of jewellery, but they are not common as mined diamonds.
  • As diamonds are available in pure and clear appearance as well as in different colors, these lab diamonds also have stunning color options.
  • When we check the price of lab-grown diamonds, its cost is about 17% less than the mined diamonds on average. You know there are cheaper options available in the market as alternatives of diamonds, but with almost similar features to diamond, moissanite is a superb substitute at a low price.
  • Moissanites are real diamonds of their own kind, in fact, with some added benefits. They are more affordable, with high durability; better clarity, enhanced sparkling, and above all, moissanite is guilt-free.

For sure, you will not get a better option than moissanite.