How to Spot Quality in Men’s Wedding Suits

Wearing your wedding suit should make you feel like a million dollars. But if the quality of your wedding suit is not up to the mark, you cannot feel wonderful even on your big day. Of course you could spend a lot of money to buy a garbage kind of stuff. Men’s wedding suits are equally crucial as bridal wear.

Normally men’s are uninformed about judging the suit quality, and they trust only the brand names. Here are a few tips to help men to pick a good quality suit for their wedding day.

  • There is no compromise on ‘’perfect fit’’. Finding a perfect suit fit is just the game of inches, and a good quality wedding suit is one that is made to the exact body measurement. Never go with the approach of ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ always try to find something that goes with your exact measurements.
  • Choosing the right fabric for Men’s wedding suits is the second key factor to keep in mind. Try to find the best quality pure wool because pure wool is durable, natural, and breathable during the summer and hotter spring months. For a fashion look, you can also accept wool blends.
  • Super count or thickness of wool thread of wedding suits, dinner suits and tuxedos must be super 150s or above.
  • Always prefer ‘’’Fully hand-stitched’’ suits rather than optioning for ‘’half hand-stitched’’ or ‘’ machine-stitched’’.
  • The construction of your wedding suit must be ‘’Fully Canvassed’’ or ‘’Half Canvassed’’ but not the fused.
  • A good wedding suit must have rayon (made of natural cellulose fiber) lining.

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