3 best holy gifts for a wedding

Getting married is the most beautiful experience that involves many changes in a couple’s life. Being married is all about living together happily and perform everyday duties with cooperation. Tying knots is an exciting time for a couple. Giving them gifts that honor the love they’ve discovered in each other and the covenantal relationship they’re entering with God is appropriate. Giving a Holy Gift is a way to help the couple build a solid faith-filled foundation. After all, the newlyweds will face life’s challenges easier if they have a strong faith.

Reasons to give a faith-based gift to newlyweds:

As Catholics, we believe that marriage is an unbreakable bond with God. Therefore you may also discover some great presents that remind newlyweds of this covenantal connection they have just formed with God. It is a great way to assist the couple in creating a firm faith-based basis for their lives that encourage them to pray, especially jointly.

Best holy gifts for a wedding:

Here are the four best holy gift options available at Holyart that you can choose to give a newly wedding couple:

1.     A prayer journal:

Prayer diaries are a wonderful option to help a couple develop a routine and practice praying together by giving them one. You can give two prayer notebooks with guided prayers to the couple, who will pray separately, and then come together to talk and pray over the prayers in the journals together. Alternatively, you might gift them couples’ devotional guide, a set of Bibles to read and pray over together or blank prayer diaries.

2.     An image of a crucifix or cross:

Every home should have a visible reminder of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, and the wedding is the perfect time to give a crucifix as a wedding gift. Whether it be a wall-hanging crucifix or a standing crucifix on a desk/shelf, an abundance of crosses come with inspiring messages made for married couples. If you want to provide a more specific visual reminder, look for a Holy Matrimony Crucifix, which joins a symbolic set of rings with Christ Crucified.

3.     A set of home altars:

Making prayer time a regular part of the marriage is one of the most effective methods to strengthen the relationship between a couple. Their new home altar allows them to create a dedicated devotional area in their house, making it simpler for them to pray together and individually.