Things You Might Find at a Local Circus or Carnival

Have you ever been interested in what it takes to put on a local circus or carnival? Many times, carnivals open up in small towns to entertain families and friends. These events are normally set up outdoors in an area that has enough land to host show tents, midway games, and concession stands. A lot of work goes into putting on a circus or carnival. Skilled professionals travel around the country with trailers that contain rides and games. Many interesting components make up these exciting events.

Services for the Guests

When a company puts on a traveling carnival operation, they need to make sure they have all the right facilities to cater to guests. When circuses and carnivals are hosted in more rural areas away from commercial buildings, they need to make sure they bring in the right services to care for the patrons. Because people spend many hours at a circus event, it’s important to offer the right kind of facilities for their needs. One way this can be accomplished is to consult with a service that provides¬†event restroom trailers.

Midway Games

One of the most popular things you’ll find at a local circus or carnival is a¬†midway of games. During a carnival, event workers host different booths with games for the guests to play. Usually, these games involve a prize when a person wins. Giant stuffed animals or other large toys are the most typical prizes you’ll find at midway games. Dart throwing, BB gun shooting games, and games that involve ring tosses or other accuracy throwing are common at circus midways. Each game is manned by a clerk who assists the player and tells them the rules. Another way people can earn prizes at carnival midways is to accrue tickets for winning a given game. These tickets can then be turned in for prizes of a person’s choice.

Food and Drink Stands

Everybody loves to eat food at a carnival. Many desserts are iconic to carnival concession stands. Freshly spun cotton candy or deep-fried funnel cakes are some of the most popular foods you’ll find at a circus or carnival. The company that puts on the event will have to consult with companies that provide mobile cooking equipment. Usually, this can be done with food service trailers.

Carnivals are a lot of fun for the guests and a lot of work for the professionals who host them. Next time you visit a local event, you can appreciate all the effort that goes into the production.