Everything You Need To Know About An Engagement Party?

An engagement party is an event where you celebrate someone you know who recently got engaged. It is a good time for all of the in-laws, friends, and other guests, meet all in one place before the wedding. It can be a big event or a small get together, there is no right or wrong way to congratulate people in love! Below are a few guidelines to let you know, when, where and how to throw the perfect engagement party.

Who throws the party?

If you are wanting to go the more traditional route, typically, the bride’s parents are the hosts of the event. Some couples allow friends to be in charge, the groom’s parents or even the couple themselves plan it. Whoever is willing to step in and take charge can make sure that everything is perfect. This celebration is all about you and your future spouse, make sure it fun and memorable.

How do you let people know?

You can inform your guests by sending them an engagement party invite! At Basic Invite, there are hundreds of cards that you are able to choose from, with colored envelopes, and sample options! There are so many pretty engagement party invitations that are 100% customizable, and you can choose to have a matching details card to go with what you are wanting to order. Basic Invite makes it easy for every customer to personalize cards not just for engagement parties, but for every other event that involves your wedding!

How do you plan the event?

There is no specific theme or guideline list that you have to follow. There are so many themes you can choose, a beach theme, wine tasting, or floral themed. Also, you can invite anyone that you would like, your favorite food can be served, and it can be at any location. The party can even be low-key and you can just have a simple brunch event or even a movie night with your girlfriends.

Do not stress yourself out too much over the engagement party. It is a fun event, but, it does not need to perfect. Just make sure you invite the people you care about, there are things to keep everyone entertained, and that you are recognized. This is you and your spouse’s time to shine and show how much you love each other. Celebrate your love and your life you will be living together, forever.

When do you throw and engagement party?

Once you get engaged how long do you have before it is just too late to celebrate the engagement?  As you may have guessed the sooner the better.  However, with that being said after you have said yes you can throw the engagement party anywhere from a couple weeks after the proposal or couple months, you will just not want to exceed 3 months from the time you said yes to throw the party as at that point it is a little late.