5 stunning locations to host your dream wedding

Although many of us choose to host our weddings in our home towns, so friends and family can travel without too much fuss, an increasing number of us are jetting off to tie the knot. It makes sense – rather than spending a fortune on a wedding and more on a honeymoon, why not combine the two and allow all of your guests to celebrate your wedding day in style?

Below, we’ve bundled together five stunning locations to consider when planning a wedding.


Offering stunning scenery and iconic venues, there’s no more romantic destination than Ireland if you’re planning a wedding. From Gloster House in County Offaly with its crisp décor and epic surrounding grounds to Ballyfin in County Laois with its own vintage China room, there’s something for everyone to consider. And when you adhere to tradition, taking part in the handfasting ceremony and marrying with Claddagh rings, you can really create a special day that’s steeped in history and love. The hardest part will be choosing your venue!


If you’re thinking of a beach wedding, then consider Mexico. With so many picture-perfect secluded beaches, soaring cliffs and breathtaking sunsets, it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic location to commit yourself to your partner for the rest of your life. Host your ceremony on the beach itself and spend the evening celebrating with friends over a barbecue, or opt for a more traditional ceremony on an oceanfront terrace. Everything a Princess could dream of!


Home to mouthwatering cuisine, stunning landscapes, morish wines, and a romantic hue, it’s little wonder why millions of tourists choose Italy as their overseas wedding destination. Not only is Italy home to spots such as the Amalfi Coast and Puglia, but there’s Sorrento and the historic Rome. The best part? You can marry for less than €50, though that of course only pays for the official fees and registrar, rather than a five-star hotel and endless champagne!


Head to the other side of the world and choose Australia for your wedding, an increasingly popular location for tourist brides and grooms. With Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane all located on the coast, you can choose your own backdrop, or opt for the outback, exploring the vast landscapes for the perfect wedding spot. And with year-round weather and excellent transport links, there’s no reason why you can’t marry Aussie style!


If you love the outdoors and want to get married al fresco, then The Big Island of Hawaii is surely the go-to location? You’ll find 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones on the island – yes, even snow on the top of the mountains! – and so many unique backdrops for your wedding photographs. From The Kona coast with lunar-like landscapes to the East coast where it’s wet and lush, there’s so much to get up to once you’re married, but prepare an itinerary in advance to make sure you get to see everything on your bucket list before the flight home!

Whether you get married on the other side of the world or in your own back garden, we wish you the very best of luck with your preparation. Congratulations – here’s to the happy couple!