Tips for perfect family pictures

Every family has a story to tell, and a family photo shoot is a perfect way to narrate this story.

You find ample opportunities to click pictures during family reunions, vacations, celebrations, and general get-togethers.

You click pictures on your own and share them with social media feeds and photo albums. But when it comes to professional family photography, you should know the secrets behind a perfect family portrait that you can frame or share with everyone.

Lorenzo Sandoval, a well known professional Las Vegas family photographer, is sharing here some of the essential instructions to get a perfect family portrait or a complete family photoshoot:

Perfect settings:

A perfect picture is the right combination of the subject (family) and a great background. You must be clear to choose a perfect indoor space where your family feels comfortable and happy. At the same time, the outdoor settings offer a more dynamic background with bright natural light. Choose an indoor or outdoor location that serves as exceptional backdrops.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Coordinate family wardrobe:

Styling and wardrobe for a family photo contribute a lot. It can only make or break the perfection of a photo. Wardrobe coordination is the key factor, and you must work on the following features:

  • Never go for same color clothing, but choose colors that go well together as they give you a more put-together look. You can choose one color palette for boys and another for girls or try one for kids and adults.
  • Choose comfortable clothing and carry a style that suits you.

Fun for everyone:

Family is a combination of different energies and a variety of emotions. A good family photo is all about cohesion and energy – Capturing a family photo while staring straight into the camera with stiff posing hides many natural emotions and the beauty of family bonding.

Using the location wisely, playing with elements available at the shooting location, and posing as your family engaged in an activity brings a natural feel to a family photograph.

Ask to take different and multiple shots:

Ask your photographer to bring variations in images with different family members to mix up the shots. It is ideal to ask for more clicks to choose from.

Be ready with a backup plan:

Variety brings improvise!

Everything doesn’t need to always go according to the plan. Always have multiple options to bring variety to your family photos. Choose a location with multiple backdrop options like a beach where you can have:

  • Boardwalks
  • Dunes
  • Sunset
  • Horizon with ocean

A capable photographer:

Lorenzo Sandoval

All the preparations mentioned earlier, and tips can be simply wasted by choosing an unprofessional and incapable photographer. A professional photographer knows the art of bringing the best out of the worse. He knows the art of utilizing imperfect locations, situations, and emotions just perfectly to create a masterpiece that needs no words to explain the story behind a family photo.

A professional photographer provides you their expertise, photo editing, and creative direction to click a perfect family photo for you. Always choose someone who has the experience and deep love for photography.